Can you explain to me what's going on with Scotland an in Glasgow? I'm in Texas and haven't been able to follow it on my own.


scotland voted for its independence on thurdsay and overall it was a no vote with only 45% of people voting yes (there are suspicions of vote rigging but that’s a whole other post). in glasgow, however, the results were over 50% yes, which seems to have given the violent unionists an easy target.

glasgow already has a huge problem with violence, particularly sectarianism, which is the root of a lot of the violence happening right now. the orange order, a unionist protestant organisation notorious for violence against catholics, have been ‘celebrating’ their win with violence against supporters of scottish independence as well as catholics or anyone they believe to be catholic.

far-right unionist groups such as britain first and the EDL (the latter of whom are literally neo-nazis) have also taken to the streets and are targeting independence supporters and POC, particularly glasgow’s large muslim community.

there have been reports of stabbings, beatings, buildings being set on fire and even people being set on fire but of course none of these reports have been confirmed because the pro-union media refuse to report that people on their side can do any wrong. the few reports i have seen have shifted the blame onto yes voters.


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